How I (Finally) Became an Engineer

Posted on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 16:08

Lexi Ross, a software engineer at Facebook, wrote an awesome blog post titled "How I (Finally) Became an Engineer" about her personal courage and the lessons learned in making the decision to become a software engineer. If you're new to the IT world like I am, it's great to hear other people like Lexi talk about their own struggles to pursue a career in IT, especially given how intimidating it can be to dive into the world of coding.

Grace Hopper, badass female programmer extraordinaire

I, myself, made a similar lateral career shift within higher education, in going from a more traditional project management/communications role at a university to a more purely IT-oriented job as a full-time web developer/digital strategist. In doing so, I definitely experienced the same kind of self-doubt and fear of failure that Lexi did. But her three lessons are a great reminder of how to overcome all of that in due time:

  1. Pursue what you want, and ability will follow.
  2. Effort trumps brilliance.
  3. Don't run from failure.