Capstone Blog: WTF is a Capstone?!

Posted on Mon, 08/31/2015 - 21:23

This semester, I'm working to finally complete my master's degree in Information Technology (Hooray!). It's been quite the personal journey over the past few years in working towards this degree, and in working towards a career in IT simultaneously. Officially, I'll be graduating with a master's degree in Information Technology from the Harvard Extension School, with a concentration in Digital Media Arts and Instructional Design.

And that brings me to this blog. To finish my degree, I'm enrolled in a Capstone Design Studio course, in which I undertake a semester-long "capstone project" of my choice. To quote the course description:

Students create an individual project, presenting it to fellow students and visiting faculty. They apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to design a significant project in a collaborative environment. At the end of the semester, they make a formal oral presentation of their project to a faculty committee.

As part of that project, I'll be using this blog as a kind of repository for information related to my capstone project, including my project proposal, any in-progress/completed deliverables, presentation slides, video clips, etc.

To give you a better sense of what this "Capstone Blog" will be about, here's a snippet from my course site:

The purpose of the blog is to track your weekly progress, so you have a clear understanding of how your project changed over time. It may answer questions like:

What did you do?
Why did you do it?
What is your plan for the next week? 
Who did you speak with or get feedback from? How has it changed your thinking or approach to your project?
What's working well? What's not working so well?
Did you decide to change direction? If so, why? How does this impact final deliverables?
What do you need feedback on now?

I'll wait until my next post to actually get into what my big, scary, semester-long "Capstone Project" is all about. But I'm excited to be starting this blog, and can't wait to share more details as they come along. Going forward, I'll be tagging all capstone-related blog posts with the tag "capstone blog" so anyone can follow along with my progress. I originally created this blog on my website with the express purpose of fulfilling the requirements of this course. But I will very likely post other non-capstone-related things from time to time as well. My hope is that the blog on my site will long outlast my capstone project this semester.

Thanks for reading!