Capstone Blog: Completion Milestones

Posted on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 22:57

In this post, I'll just be laying out a visual representation of all the milestones I'll need to reach, in order to complete my capstone project over the course of this fall semester. I may come back and revise these milestones at a later date. But for now, here is a rough timeline of my project, in the form of milestones:

Milestone Timeframe
Finish proposal for capstone project. 2015-07-01 – 2015-07-15
Segment work plan into two-week sprints with specific task lists for each sprint. Create a wireframe mockup of proposed website to be used in user testing. 2015-07-16 – 2015-07-31
Do preliminary background research/learning on Drupal-specific programming practices for distribution creation. Conduct initial user testing on mockups of website design/interface. 2015-08-01 – 2015-08-31
Create initial Drupal “golden site” that will act as the prototype for the distribution. Conduct intermittent user testing during design process. 2015-09-01 – 2015-09-30
Break down “golden site” into feature-specific chunks and package them into the distribution. Perform quality assurance testing on distribution for reliability during installation and normal usage. 2015-10-01 – 2015-10-31
Create context-specific and external documentation. Repackage distribution as needed to incorporate contextual documentation. Create video tutorial for installation process and basic usage. 2015-11-01 – 2015-11-30
Perform final audit of distribution for bugs. Proofread documentation. Upload distribution to as a sandbox project. Prepare final presentation for faculty committee. 2015-12-01 – 2015-12-11
Make formal presentation of project for faculty committee. 2015-12-12 – 2015-12-13